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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
This is an article I found that is very related to the subject our last post covered, it's a translated article from the Sharq al-Awsat Arabic Daily newspaper, translated by our beloved brother Hasan as-Somali that I picked up at

O Muslims! Fear Allah And Don’t Sympathise With Zarqaawee.
Excerpts taken from an article from Ash-Sharaq Al-Awsat
By Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al-‘Ubaykaan
(A senior scholar from Saudi Arabia)

There is no doubt that every Muslim, who is eagerly concerned about their religion and enthusiastic to (protect) the reputation of their nation, is delighted to hear about the decline of a deviant ideology that is attributed to Islam, when in reality it does nothing but smear (the religion's) true image.

A deviant Kharajite ideology that has declared the blood of the Muslims and innocent non-Muslims to be lawful game; it has relished in pronouncing Muslims to be infidels, and it has vigorously endeavoured to destroy and bomb. (An ideology) that has stained the image of Islam and the Muslims, and it has caused many evils which cannot be enumerated and cannot be calculated by any one person.

This Kharijite ideology has produced many ills. From them: this malicious onslaught against the Muslims in general- emanating from many different angles, assaults upon the methods of teaching practised in the Muslim lands, (it has been utilized) as a blockade to the Book and the Sunnah, occupation of Muslim lands, and the captivation of innocent people due to mere speculation. All of this has resulted from this chaos and confusion, and from the war between (the lunatics) of Al-Qaa’idah and certain countries.

Yes, the fact that this ideology has begun to vanish, its symbolic figures are being humiliated and its leaders are falling brings joy to the heart. But sadly we see some of the Muslims continuing to show sympathy to Az-Zarqaawee or to whoever will replace him. Az-Zarqaawee who adopted the wretched ideology of Al-Qaa’idah, this is no more than the belief of the Kharijite, Takfeeris; and it has not brought any benefit to the Muslims whatsoever.

These sympathisers feign blindness to these barbaric, criminal acts, perpetrated by Az-Zaqaawee and his organisation inside and outside of Iraq, that oppose (the laws) of the religion and that cannot be fathomed by sound intellectual reasoning. It is visible to everyone with two eyes to see that Zarqaawee’s actions are not only traceable to Iraq; rather they have spread to other places. This man has (monstrous) ambitions in many arenas; he has explicitly voiced his aspirations, in both speech and action. An example of this is the bombings that occurred in Jordan and massacred those inviolable souls.

Islam is totally innocent of these ideologies and misguided acts. Even Jihad in the path of Allah has stipulations and guidelines that have to be met.

Using the name of Islam and (a twisted) understanding of Jihad to spread anarchy in the ranks of the Muslims, declare their blood and wealth to be lawful, cause disunity and division, weaken their position, empower their opponents against them and blemish the appearance of Islam in the most awful manner- acts such as slaughtering a human by slicing their jugular vein and then showing this to millions through the media outlets- has led to some people fleeing from Islam and detesting the Muslims, because the activities of these weirdoes that have nothing to do with Islam or the Muslims.

Translated by Hassan As-Somali

For the full Arabic version, check out the Sharq al-Awsat paper's site.

Comments are welcome, sympathy isn't...
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Friday, June 09, 2006
They got him... well, at least one of the many "Hims"

They got Abu Mus`ab az-Zarqawi, a Jordanian man from the cursed Khawaarij Sect, may Allaah destroy them. The ones that:

"...kill the people of Islaam, and leave the worshippers of Idols", as our Prophet, Sallallaahu `alaihi wa sallam said.

"They leave this Religion as the arrow leaves the bow. Never to return to it again."

"They are the Dogs of Hellfire"

"They recite the Qur'aan yet it doesn't pass their vocal cords."

Our Prophet Muhammad, Sallallaahu `alaihi wa sallam, mentioned this group of people, 1400 years ago.

"They are the worst of creation"

"They are young in their age, foolish in their intellects"

"If I were amongst them, when they were to appear in this Ummah (Muslim Nation), I would kill them like the People of `Aad (a nation that Allaah destroyed long ago)."

"The best martyrs are the (Muslim) ones that they have killed." (Meaning that the Muslims killed by them, are the best of Muslims killed in the path of Allaah)

This is the group, that is headed in our time by the likes of:
  • Usaamah bin Laden
  • Salmaan al-`Audah
  • Safar al-Hawaalee
  • Sa`d al-Faqeeh
  • Muhammad al-Mis`aree
These are the main retards heading the Khawaarij Sect... Moving from one civilization to another, destroying, inciting riots, causing Havoc... Some do it physically, like Usamah, and others do it verbally, like the rest. They may fool us and our leaders, but they don't fool the Lord of the Worlds.

May Allaah destroy them, Islam is free of them. Allaah is free of them. The Prophet is free of them. Our Scholars are free of them. Don't hold us to account for what they do...

I'm sure the majority of the Muslims out there realize the threat of these people. To the point that some of the Scholars of Islam, of present and of old, declared that the Khawaarij Sect is out of the fold of Islam, due to many Hadeeth (Prophetic Narrations) eluding to that fact.

Let me know what you think people...
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Monday, June 05, 2006
Wow... what a LONG Break from Blogging.

First we had some Pre-Final Events going on...
Then we had our Finals, I did a decent Job al-Hamdu Lillaah
Lastly I've been getting all these Migraines, it's not even funny!

After all that, it seems like I was too burned out to get back on the Blog Wagon.
Or maybe blogging was just a hype and now after my first long break from it, I can be more efficient in my schedules... Allaah knows best.

By the way, all the Posts+Comments that I had on here, that were related to Saudi Arabia and information on Living in Saudi Arabia I moved them to the new blog, so that this blog can maintain a more opinionated non-fact-based rhythm.

Always open to comments, till then, peace out people
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