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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Allahu Akbar, it rained today.

The day started out really foggyish, the mountains weren't really very visible in the distance, you could BARELY see Mount Uhud or Mount `Air.

During forth period, the fist showers fell. Being stuck in class we were like, "Shaikh, let's break early… IT'S RAINING!" He wasn't having it, but he let me go like five minutes before calss ends saying, "Go… you're a mushawwish…" I won't translate that part, if you kno… you know…

Anyhow, it's not common at all for rain to fall in these parts of the world. Rain falls maybe 3-4 times a year sometimes. While coming back from Makkah this morning (that's a WHOLE 'NOTHER post), we saw lot's of puddles and mini-lakes all over the desert. The Desert Sunrise was BEAUTIFUL… gleaming over small collections of rainwater. Of course, I took a few pics, and as usual, I'm gonna try to get them up, insha Allah.

By the way, the list for new students being accepted to the University is up, bear with me, I'll have a few nationalities' candidates' names up, insha Allah.

Oh yea, if you applied to the Islamic University of Madinah for this upcoming year, the names of the news students are out!

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