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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
It seems we are gonna take a surprise trip to Yanbu to see the Red Sea.
I dunno if any of you have ever been snorkeling before, but snorkeling in Red Sea HAS to be the most BEAUTIFUL underwater experience that I have ever had. Being that I'm originally from Miami, I've gone snorkeling in the Bahamas and in the Florida Keys. But the Red Sea has absolutely AMAZING coral reef formations.
This trip is not exactly for snorkeling, rather I've rented a car since I recently sold my car and am waiting for the new used car that I had shipped here (cargo) from Miami. Where was I?
Oh yeah, I've rented a car here in Madinah, in wait for the other car to come so I decided, "Why not treat the wife and use up all the free 150km that I get per day for the car?"

So there you go, a trip to see Sea. And being the fact that we are leaving now, at a quarter to six in the evening, we're prolly only gonna get there by Maghrib time (Sunset)...

But that means we get to watch a beautiful Red Sea Sunset, since I could never get to see a Sunset in Miami*... it should be worthwhile

Miami is on the Eastern coast of Florida, so all you can see (at the ocean) is a Sunrise...
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